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Healing with Harmony

Good day! I am a certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Sound Healer who provides various healing modalities to help you utilize your fullest potential and to function at expanded levels of awareness.


From a young age, I developed my Psychic/Clairsentience skills while practicing tarot, astrology, runes, and numerology to compliment my connection to Spirit.  With a variety of other services, I can provide house clearings, home color therapy, and more.  Also, I do teach various sound healing techniques through 1 on 1 classes in understanding the fundamentals of Gong, Tuning forks, and Tibetan bowls.


In addition, I also provide wellness coaching and have worked with a variety of delicate life situations including hours or volunteer service, assisting families who are in the end/transition phase of hospice with their loved ones.

Give your body the nourishment that was naturally intended

and discord will cease to dwell.

Hand Massage

My Services

Healing Therapies & Tuning In

Welcome to creating meaningful space for yourself. I offer a variety of services that allow you to discover your greater potential. For over 30 years, I have been practicing the divination arts and have lengthy study of energetic healing,  along with a holistic approach to living. Know that you hold your own light and grasping your truth that allows exploration

to releasing patterns that no longer serve you.

Hands on/off Reiki

Reiki Master/Teacher

Trained in a variety of holistic modalities, I can assist you in unfolding a more fulfilling approach to life. In our modern health system, we have limited options surrounding preventative medicine, leaving our bodies in stasis unable to recognize our inner wisdom to heal naturally. The art of Reiki is an aspect we already contain deep within our cells as your compassion and care for self is inherently built in.

Vibrational Artisan

Sound Therapy

Sound is everywhere. When you tune in to sound you become the vision of the immediate frequency. With being trained in sound healing, I can bring your true essence in alignment with your natural flow.  It allows for release and containment of your own natural rhythms, transformations, and bringing you to a better understanding of operating at your optimal state.

Astrology & Tarot

Divination Arts

With over 30 years of experience in the study of Evolutionary Astrology, Tarot, Runes, Kabbalah, and Numerology, I have come to learn one size will never fit all.  I coach you through paying attention to your inner state with these tools, and work with you to draw out the beauty of potential. We are all attuned to varied forms and images that help us navigate to all possibilities.

Yin yoga and Sound Bath, March 12th at 5pm

Tower 14, Huntington Beach, North side

Wellness Coaching

Darcy Lucero, CLC


Wellness & Personal Coaching
Series of 2 sessions - $120

Specialized Healing Treatments

Long Distance Healing

My mission is to come to an understanding of your immediate needs, whether through in person or distance healing. Through a variety of treatments as well as counseling services that are part of every single session, I work with you to unlock the potential of self-healing. I can joyfully say through client testimony, there is proof that Energetic connection is true Universal flow and distance is simply a concept.

As a certified life coach, my core competencies as identified by the International Coach Federation is to assist my clients with obtaining their potential through visual and verbal exercises. Start to finish, I will help you with your intention(s) while identifying potential blocks that will bring you to a place of clarity that will allow you to shift perspective on your current life patterns you want to change. Through cooperative communication, we can get to the right questions that will, in turn, cause you to shape and put in place the action towards the answers you seek.


  • One two-hour to get clear & focused on your intentions.

  • Two 60 minute sessions each month

  • One time per week email and check in for support and e-coaching



Coaching Session


"Existing in the vast ocean of thought, sound, and touch, you are the lighthouse that sends and receives guidance"

- Darcy

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Per California State Law SB 577: Reiki is a complement to 'healing arts services licensed by the State', i.e., it is a complement to more traditional Western medicine provided by doctors, nurses and hospitals. As a complementary or alternative medicine, Reiki does not require licensing by the state of California.