My Loose Arrow Penning



"Will you accept the call?"

Arriving at any destination, whether exceptional or dreadful, can leave feelings of residual anxiety. Yes, even great results can produce the "a" word. Now imagine you have come to a place in your life where nothing seems to feel right from a spirit perspective. You have been sluggish through the years and wonder how you've got this far without addressing your true calling? Like an old sweater, who's material is dated and frayed you've given up searching for the reality in a strangely, warped world of uncertainties. This is the pivotal point where your inner light needs to come forth to exclaim its calling. But all this I mean, if you ever had those inner "feelings" of having to be your o

State of the All

I got to thinking about the current social structure post-Bush Sr., not that I am politically driven in my stance, not at all. At the time capitalist were thriving and things from an American point of view had the tone of "home security" and what I like to label as "fake patriotism." Now before the ardent patriot decides to squash my post, we have to look back to centuries of cultures that may have taken wrong turns in the way they managed their empires, almost in the sense of competitive sport. What am I building up to? I'm coming into my older years, and even though from an extremely young age, I lend my knowings to intuition, I find much has not changed from previous times. We are all a

The Flowering

You can read various blogs, listen to up and coming vlogs concerning this new paradigm and shift in consciousness, but even at the most basic level, we all, indeed, are still human. Some of us experience very minimal pain in this immediate existence, so it got me thinking about how it all unfolds for each of us. Because I come from a spiritual bent, I feel it a bit off put by the entire "meditating" machine that has come about in the last ten years. I was raised in a strict Catholic home, but I noticed something from my younger years, of 10 to about 16 years old there was this post-apocalyptic hippie thing from the 70s. Now, it was about "action, " or walk your talk, and everything you need

Lacking Zzzzz's?

As our speedy attitude towards life keeps up with societal norms, I hear more clients complain about sleep, the lack of it. I have only in my recent years struggled to settle down as quickly as I did in my 30s. Now, of course, we need to consider changes physiologically how sleep may rob us of a fresh face that we had in our 20s, but with all the remedies that are now over the counter, I still find myself refusing to purchase these types of solutions. During the process of sleep, the body needs to recoup, and cycle out the day's ingestion (lunch/dinner). But, when that strange something gets your up at night, and you just can't seem to settle again, I will admit that I do reach for my liq