My Loose Arrow Penning



ᒪᗴᐯᗴᒪ ᗝᖴ ᗩᑕᑕᗴᑭ丅ᗩᑎᑕᗴ

There seems to be more chatter around living in "fast times." I have to laugh because the first thing that comes to mind is Fast Times at Ridgemont High starring Sean Penn as the total burner, Jeff Spicoli. But let's no divert from my point, it was just a play on words. I was just a teenager enjoying a 'Spicoliesque' lifestyle, mostly surfing, camping, and cycling my summers away. But regardless, the late 80's seemed as if our way of modern living was indeed going to fast. I can recall the implementation of the first modern PC in my workplace in 1989, which we essentially used for inventory. A small company called Compaq and as I look back to what I considered a supply/demand existence in t

iຖ thē คll

Tuning into the world of the all. What a strange concept, yes? You have gone about your life in a way dictated by societal norms, caregivers, and personality traits as added flavoring. So now compile all those components into every other stimulation factor that may be your immediate environment and wallah, there is your "all". We all have different levels of accepting, deflecting, and rejecting what comes into our experience. I got to talking with a gal in my spirit circle about this last night. Let's suppose your environment of the all is remote, decorated with lush trees, a decent amount of land between you and your neighbor, and some wildlife nearby. Your level of all is no higher than

Free Flow Vibe

I got to thinking about life at the most basic level. The simplicity of it all. Why do we turn certain belief systems or even activities into something maybe not fit for us? As a sound healer, I have seen a multitude of modalities tied into sessions and hear many times from other's, "I just wasn't connecting." I had to dig a bit more, but I came to the conclusion that no matter what yoga pose you may strike and hold with superior discipline, sound requires nothing expect absolute stillness. You are sound in motion when motionless. You step into nature, and like that moment of pureness, you are nature itself. Sometimes there is too much emphasis on how far to push yourself when the universa