My Loose Arrow Penning



Precious Gold

Well. It's a fabulous word, metaphor, and place to contemplate, right? I have to show my humor; it's just me. Recently I stumbled upon a blog of another healer, and she is just peachy with her quips and curiosity of the world around her. It was incredibly refreshing in knowing another soul who has found her soul mission to be in the healing arts community to share a larger view instead of the narrow interpretation of only "positive thoughts." I'm banking on Aquarian energy she may exude from her blueprint. That aside, it reminded me of when I first got my hands on The Red Book, by Jung. All of the aspirations I had as a young girl, faced with serious obstacles, but the inherent understandi

We the Unicorns!

I have decided that the squishiest, gooiest, love filled peeps walking the planet have seen some rough times. How could it be when the heart wants to leap to another beautiful heart that disharmony can exist? And maybe that is the 'rough' that causes the shift in perception and to surround yourself with the like. There is nothing better than creating space for a greater good. Yes, the best part of this post is that beautiful people still roam this fine and divine planet. Life is all about the great and not so great. Is it all positive attitude? You have to admit at some level, life is tough, we all have our lessons. But what is it about the frequency of the heart? It has no prerequisite fo

Know/No Your Potential!

Since we all exist in this physical construct, I all*ways have to remind myself that everyone is at different levels of consciousness. This reminder, a deadly struggle for with my Sun/Mars conjunction that is in opposition to my Aquarian Ascendant, because those who cannot get past the slightest pains in life and fail to be genuine, fall short of my list of moving us the human race forward. I am very aware of my blueprint (astrological chart) and tread where I must with firm or light footing. We will never agree in total, thankfully! Can we look to politics? At the end of the spectrum and after all hashing has been hashed The core principality being linked to self-responsibility.

The Irony of Pain

Now isn't that an intriguing title? I ponder too much. Not to my detriment, but everything I execute in life is tinged with a kaleidoscope of metaphors and whimsical outlook. Understand, this is not a foolish approach and let no individual claim any projection to you about it being such. When we face challenges, we have a choice. Please never imagine you are without choice, you are not! There may be times of feeling trapped or confined to something like an anchor, but your heart knows the authentic rhythm of existence. Allowing that heart/mind connection to remain fleeting, of course with careful consideration...I wouldn't want you toddling off a cliff in hopes to touch that beautiful butter

365 days

I will stay true to my commitment to post once a week. And when this girl commits, it is the stick you can't shake! ;) Today I roamed with friends I had made last year at my future home and speaking of the future, there is something pleasurable about those long distance relationships but another year has come and gone and how things have changed. Mind you, my friends, they were their oh so usual selves, but what I am speaking to was the social landscape. In the time frame of one year, much has changed the entire feel of the location I'm visiting at the current time. Funny how one can see this as a metaphor of mind. We change our minds, clothes, views, but to see a quiet place go up and busy,