My Loose Arrow Penning



Out of Bounds

I tend to be an advocate of all things innovative. Working within the healing community, there is no real reason to restrict your healing practice to one particular approach. So many teachers, so much time; but yet, one size will never fit all. Modern times points to critical analysis with creative and a splash of breaking the mold can cause a shift in perception. They call this "Outside of the Box." I arrived on this planet, out of bounds, let alone outside of the box. For the most part, where I respect social norms, my mind goes to places that aren't within the current trends. Some call the objective psyche space, the place where unknown things dwell. I tend to disagree. Reference the titl

Making the Grade...

There seems to be an unusual movement in the business world right now. I can't pinpoint the exact motivation, but it appears or perpetuates this constant reinforcement to be placing this new group of millennial's in a position of disempowerment. One might vehemently state that the new generation of business entrepreneurs are the most innovative, and labeled as the new "Great Generation," I beg to differ. More and more of issues of blame culture pops up in the mainstream media because of these younger employed kids are not using strategic smarts to gain. They're shooting themselves in the foot but complaining just like all the other's looking for a handout, and I don't think the Great Generat