My Loose Arrow Penning



Year in Review

Why do we do this? Review that is. Why do we validate? It could be the following reasons: Measurement of growth Have we kept in line with goals No real reason, just all the cool kids do it If I had my way, there would be no concept of time. Hear me out…I’m always askin you guys to hear me out! lol With this approach you would be forced to accept no boundaries of deadlines, expectations of other’s, and it would make your timeline limitless. Your reason to grow with the seasons becomes quite clear. Not because a date says so, but you get more aligned with a natural body clock vs. some concept of having the put away sweaters because the vernal equinox has shifted. Well, I like weather wool swe

The Weather Outside is Frightful...

Tick-tock, tick-tock... Yes, the holidays. Aren't they grand? Ok, ok, no snarky Darcy today. But, I will say--if you have anyone who has been in the path of the Sylmar and Ventura fires, please lend a hand with aid. Us Southern California natives understand that the Los Angeles basin has its cycles and well, Mother Nature is cleaning house right now. If someone wants to claim global warming, fine. Do know that we have had global warming since the inception of this planet. Earth is a living breathing entity....she needs to clean her own house as well. So please, again, we are her visitor's, but if someone you know has been part of the sweep, be a heart filled human and help out. On the other