My Loose Arrow Penning



The Big Day Is Coming!

For the handful of us naturally born occultist, we truly know the meaning of February 14th, Valentine's Day. (crickets) And for the rest of the world, the heart shaped, chalk like candy is spread around, kisses shared, and crappy, prix fixe menu's fill the most expensive restaurants in town. Moreover, even Romulus and Remus had their share of strange fun! Keep in mind, all the ancient rites that were passed on this day to women...BUT, ahhhhh, the bitter-sweet taste of LOVE. Where I don't mind being personal on my blog, because well, I am personal in person; let me recap here. In my 2 long term relationships, I sure did confuse the heck out of my significant other, absolutely refusing the id


We're not retro! As a matter of fact, the only months we have all direct planets is January, February, and May of this year. In the ever shifting plane called life and because I work with New Moon energy, the months noted above are power packed. Just when I think progression of the people is being owned with the greatest of intent, I notice a familiarity of today's stream of consciousness mirroring the mid 70's. How can I reflect upon this? Well, I had cousins embedded in the whole hippie dippie movement and the so-called greater cosmic good of society. As mentioned in the past about cycles and yes, where history truly is our teacher....are we truly listening? In the "spiritual" community, y