My Loose Arrow Penning



Au contraire mon frere'!

Well. 😐 Should I really let you know how vacation was? After briefing a friend about everything I went through, she was left with a frozen face kissed with a bit of horror. Yup. Not sure where to start, so....I won't. What makes the spirit unstoppable? Humor, shitty attitude, a warm, fuzzy sense of nihilism? Hmmm. Not sure, really. I can at least speak to the ability to reason with what could be called, obstacles. For the most part I am fairly anal retentive in preventing most obstacles to crop up. But for all this Virgo I have, I gladly embrace my Pisces north node. Let me explain it this way...where in past I would have lost my marbles, threw my hands up in the air, gave up, blah blah