Teaching Sound Healing

As I have grown in my practice, I am getting more inquiries to teach sound certification. And where in the  past I made it a one-on-one class instruction, I am happy to offer in a class orientation. With a variety of tools that I have been instructed and certified, I will be offering these classes throughout 2018. The critical importance of training is to start with the fundamentals of harmonic resonance and the basics of our musical scale.

It is imperative that between understanding how tuning forks, bowls, drums how to get an understanding of what to look for in the client you are treating. Not one is built the same and not all tools are designed for one structure.

Through these courses you will learn combing affects, placement, various biofield comprehension and much more.  Join in on expanding the knowledge that is calling you to teach the brilliant world of sound healing.

Introduction to Sound

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Hola Healing Spirit....

I will be bringing this class to IMPART center on Saturday, January 27th from 12pm to 5pm. I am limiting this class size as this is something very sacred to me and do not want the teaching to be lost in a sea of collective energy. At this time I only have 2 spaces left open, so please book before year end.

What is involved you may ask?

  • Fundamental understanding of the Chakras and their harmonics

  • Various modalities/applications involving sound resonance

    • We will use bowls, tuning forks, and handheld bells

  • Involving your own instrument (should you have one) to practice with

  • On-line application(s) to help you target frequencies of your instrument

  • Working with the clients energetic field and how to approach healing

  • Shopping for instruments and what to look for!  This is crucial.

  • Solid two hours of practice

  • Certificate of Completion (Practitioner of Resonance)

There is a huge calling right now to bring sound healing to other's. It's as if your client can put the pieces together on why vibration moves them so deeply, so I can help you with a better understanding that allows you to expand your practice and offer such a beautiful modality to the world.  :)

And yes, we will also explore the concept of how animal's receive frequency for those who are extending their services/love to the furry kingdom.

***Please reserve your spot now under the Treatments/Offering/Classes/Introduction to Sound

Looking forward to vibing with you!

Have a wonderful holiday season,