• Darcy Lucero

What is Trending?

Nothing new, that's for sure. How or why do we from a sociological perspective expect to make progress when all we do is reinvent the past? Does the motion of progress inhibit us to actually create a new? Leading edge of what? If you took half the money spent you acquired to help yourself survive the daily minutiae instead of blowing it on the "latest and greatest"...would it be money well invested? I know you're thinking, consumerism, right?

Why have we come to this state of being?

I wish for all my clients, whether they be in need of energy, sound, or massage therapy to adjust a lifestyle of long term need. Not because this keeps them as a

client, but more from the immediate thing that is happening now (trending) may not serve them long term. I probably shouldn't have posted this blog, but I did, and that's that.

Informative? Maybe not.

Intuitive? I'd like to think so.


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