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Lacking Zzzzz's?

As our speedy attitude towards life keeps up with societal norms, I hear more clients complain about sleep, the lack of it. I have only in my recent years struggled to settle down as quickly as I did in my 30s. Now, of course, we need to consider changes physiologically how sleep may rob us of a fresh face that we had in our 20s, but with all the remedies that are now over the counter, I still find myself refusing to purchase these types of solutions. During the process of sleep, the body needs to recoup, and cycle out the day's ingestion (lunch/dinner). But, when that strange something gets your up at night, and you just can't seem to settle again, I will admit that I do reach for my liquid melatonin. And there are good reasons for doing such since melatonin is a hormone that naturally occurs in your body and is closely linked with sleep. To be more specific, it is produced by your pi

neal gland in the hypothalamus area of your brain. So it is truly a matter of balancing out the hormones to get back into a natural rhythm of harmony with rest. It takes some time to fall into a somewhat meditative state, and this is also where I incorporate breathing techniques. While lying on my back, I will concentrate on breath--sound, light or lack of light and noise no longer come into play. In the lives of all of us, it is such a necessity to pay attention to the inner world versus outer. It is almost as if we have to transition from physical to sleep state and treat them as separate operations. In proportion to the material world, this quiet practice allows almost a return to routine or bedtime ritual. You can take 5 minutes before bed to do very light stretching of the legs and back; this has shown to decrease restless leg syndrome. Where nothing can be exact from day to day, try to make the bedtime routine, your time to let the day finally go.