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The Flowering

You can read various blogs, listen to up and coming vlogs concerning this new paradigm and shift in consciousness, but even at the most basic level, we all, indeed, are still human. Some of us experience very minimal pain in this immediate existence, so it got me thinking about how it all unfolds for each of us. Because I come from a spiritual bent, I feel it a bit off put by the entire "meditating" machine that has come about in the last ten years. I was raised in a strict Catholic home, but I noticed something from my younger years, of 10 to about 16 years old there was this post-apocalyptic hippie thing from the 70s. Now, it was about "action, " or walk your talk, and everything you need and want will come to be. As I watched family members get caught up in different cults (Mindspring, EST, Elron), I realized all my chaos was looking at their delusions all the while they seemed more removed from themselves than before. So it that what this was? What you resist persists? I was too young in my journey to have a firm psychological grip on my life tools and how to exercise them properly when needed, but what frightened me more is rationality seemed to drift away from people I had to depend upon the most. As I grew older becoming quite aware of the warped sense of something that lurked in the back of my mind, I knew there was more than some teenage, Southern California beach living. I recall writing something on a piece of paper in my freshman year in high school, and it read, "still looking for what I cannot find!" Now where I don't mean to go off on a tangent, there is something to be said about knowing all and nothing. I have seen so many cycles time and time again and wonder if each human is at a different state of growth, why do we intuitively reject what the heart knows? All I have known is this is way beyond self-interest, it is the phenomenon of hubris. Ideologies come and go, and they may change, but unless perspective is contained and nurtured holistically, what does ego have? The ego can have, but the heart must reign.