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State of the All

I got to thinking about the current social structure post-Bush Sr., not that I am politically driven in my stance, not at all. At the time capitalist were thriving and things from an American point of view had the tone of "home security" and what I like to label as "fake patriotism." Now before the ardent patriot decides to squash my post, we have to look back to centuries of cultures that may have taken wrong turns in the way they managed their empires, almost in the sense of competitive sport. What am I building up to? I'm coming into my older years, and even though from an extremely young age, I lend my knowings to intuition, I find much has not changed from previous times. We are all at different levels, but where do we stop listening to everyone and everything around us? It's as if the older we get, the more amnesia seems the viable option. It's a shame as people of the world; we cannot change the hierarchy to fit as we please, before a huge part of us, me not included will disagree. I found my ego in a bit of pickle for my admiration of the male form. Given this supposed, and yes, I say supposed the 25th round of feminism (rolling eyes), I like to say, both sexes and all alternative lifestyles of the world have the right no matter what their belief. But, I will defend myself when I am labeled something so absurd due to lack of identifying with what I see as a trend. There is much lost in the war of the sexes. The problem occurs at the heart level. There never was a war. Conditioning perpetuated sociopolitical

movements keep things bound up in memetic existence. Is it easier on the ego state to forgive and forget? Hmmm....I got to thinking about this approach, and possibly the guilt that is laid so thickly upon each of us turns into a stream of repeating patterns until the correction forces us to change radically, forgiving who we were but surely never forgetting. After all memory and suffering bring meaning to life right? I am not one for drama, but this is not to say drama didn't find me. From a spiritual aspect, change brings demise or divine revelation. The waves of society are emerging, like a cauldron bubbling, but when do realize we're burning off too much fat that keeps us sustained and savoring beautiful teachings of the past?