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"Will you accept the call?"

Arriving at any destination, whether exceptional or dreadful, can leave feelings of residual anxiety. Yes, even great results can produce the "a" word. Now imagine you have come to a place in your life where nothing seems to feel right from a spirit perspective. You have been sluggish through the years and wonder how you've got this far without addressing your true calling? Like an old sweater, who's material is dated and frayed you've given up searching for the reality in a strangely, warped world of uncertainties. This is the pivotal point where your inner light needs to come forth to exclaim its calling. But all this I mean, if you ever had those inner "feelings" of having to be your own reflective beacon and split from the pack that you've been following, it takes guts to break off. There are trends that come and go in coaching, "feel-good, get up and change your life," but what I am speaking to whispers from the get go. From the youngest age, you can recall not wanting to engage with others, harsh as it may sound, but deep inside there is an ominous mission to be addressed. Many intuitive's I meet don't want this task. In all my years, I meet more who shut down their talents just to not upset the normie apple cart. Like a rainy Sunday, you're glad not to have to deal with the world outside; whether introvert or extrovert a calling cannot be blocked. Most who seek out the holistic medicine approach it at different times in their life to make it their life purpose and you as a client are also driven to these modalities for substantiated validation. You may not understand at the time, but in time, you can perceive your power filled intention to being linked to such therapy. You may discover your entire aim with your decision to engage with what matters.