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Free Flow Vibe

I got to thinking about life at the most basic level. The simplicity of it all. Why do we turn certain belief systems or even activities into something maybe not fit for us? As a sound healer, I have seen a multitude of modalities tied into sessions and hear many times from other's, "I just wasn't connecting." I had to dig a bit more, but I came to the conclusion that no matter what yoga pose you may strike and hold with superior discipline, sound requires nothing expect absolute stillness. You are sound in motion when motionless. You step into nature, and like that moment of pureness, you are nature itself. Sometimes there is too much emphasis on how far to push yourself when the universal mind is just asking for a sense of peace. I share with my clients often about fads that come and go, ideas that may be the greatest for you to look your best. The idea if you wear anything other than white clothing, you are not embracing the light. These are ideas, thought forms. You know who you are in your heart, it is in your eyes, it vibrates from your very being. You already are your best; you're constantly in refinement, and that is your continual trend. Given our 40 work week lifestyle and additional responsibilities of family, the nervous system can fizzle quickly. Just the mere act of relaxing with music stimulates circulation and the glandular system to a higher level of functioning and reduces stress and other conditions related to the lack of balance and harmony in the body. Just the small amount of time you allow yourself without the "pretzel twist" can bring forth great awareness and potential to shift your path forward in healing.