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iຖ thē คll

Tuning into the world of the all. What a strange concept, yes? You have gone about your life in a way dictated by societal norms, caregivers, and personality traits as added flavoring. So now compile all those components into every other stimulation factor that may be your immediate environment and wallah, there is your "all". We all have different levels of accepting, deflecting, and rejecting what comes into our experience. I got to talking with a gal in my spirit circle about this last night. Let's suppose your environment of the all is remote, decorated with lush trees, a decent amount of land between you and your neighbor, and some wildlife nearby. Your level of all is no higher than the city dweller. Our systems are designed to adjust to signals from the vagus nerve, this little unknown thing connected to all the major organs that support us. Just the fact that "vagus" means wanderer, setting out its duty to regulate all the functions is enough to make someone look deeper. The vagus nerve reaches the brain, gut (intestines, stomach), heart, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, kidney, ureter, spleen, lungs, fertility organs (female), neck (pharynx, larynx, and esophagus), ears, and tongue. So with that said, this nerve is a bit of a scout in regulating processes. Those old tricks your parents may have taught you about, "just splash cold water on your face," came from the rooted treatment in stimulating the vagus nerve. I am also glad to see more talk of cold showers coming back into trend. It seems we have caudled ourselves into a distress free zone of everything should be "just right" instead of researching and figuring out what the body needs to move from a sick to well state. And yes, sound frequency is a friend of the vagus nerve. Everything single living thing on this planet has a circadian rhythm (body clock), and for us humans, its responsibility tied to the hypothalamus. We rise with the sun and set (rest) with the night along with the occasional afternoon catnap. Don't get me wrong; blind people also adjust the same based on frequency from a deeper sense of perceiving by light-sensing cells in the eye. I'm not giving you a final solution to finally getting 8 hours of sleep but what I am suggesting is to seek out how you can develop a sense of your body/mind map. I am going to tie back my original thought of the "all," this very concept of existing with a master clock. You can manage your levels of stress through a thousand ways presented in the wellness/fitness markets, but you are your own coach, referee, and opponent. The awareness of self is up to your natural adaptation to the all or rhythm.