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ᒪᗴᐯᗴᒪ ᗝᖴ ᗩᑕᑕᗴᑭ丅ᗩᑎᑕᗴ

There seems to be more chatter around living in "fast times." I have to laugh because the first thing that comes to mind is Fast Times at Ridgemont High starring Sean Penn as the total burner, Jeff Spicoli. But let's no divert from my point, it was just a play on words. I was just a teenager enjoying a 'Spicoliesque' lifestyle, mostly surfing, camping, and cycling my summers away. But regardless, the late 80's seemed as if our way of modern living was indeed going to fast. I can recall the implementation of the first modern PC in my workplace in 1989, which we essentially used for inventory. A small company called Compaq and as I look back to what I considered a supply/demand existence in the retail world, in reality not much has shifted. Possibly the rate of processes has stepped up, but the workload will only remain as fast as the human is willing to move.

There has been an undercurrent feeling in the United States that jobs go offshore or to a machine, but until the human being is willing and politics aside, yes, willing to take its job back, we will be less autonomous to our level of acceptance with machines. Dependency can be of assisatnce, but if you scan your internal system in quiet manner whether young or old, it wants to wake and rest with its own bio-rhythm. Where I understand that our lives are not perfect and some jobs demand us before the sun rises, I feel it is imperative that if your body cannot operate optimally, you should think about changing your hours or all together changing your career.

Would you have less stress if you could wake naturally, as I have spoken about in previous writings, the importance of sleep. Would you have a bit more freedom to tune-in with you before you have to tune-in with the other millions aiming for their goals as well. I have to chuckle a bit, because I feel as some level, even with the crazy horn honker or the obvious girl putting on her mascara in the mirror while driving at high speeds, they are too indeed trying for their goals. Much of modern life is not a new stress concept it's what we are willing to accept and having a great capacity for awareness, when you step back and I am talking a big, step back, you can gauge that there was never a race to be ran, it's a created way of conditioning given social stigma and progress.

The old saying, "Don't focus on the thing it is you are doing and time slips away." I call this self-care. An art that has been lost and many of us in the holistic fields support it 110%. At a base level despite what we hear growing up, being among friends, etc, you are limitless. And I am not one for pep-talking....but once again, you are limitless. To bring it full circle, when you are aligned with the present moment you tend to feel good and relaxed. Your mood is optimistic. Creating new paradigms in your life will come naturally without having to think that much at all really. You flow at your pace. This is a wonderful head space to spend your time cultivating the relationships you have always not wanted.....NEEDED!

Stress and obstacles will crop up. This modern life as they call it will continue to build but you can slow it down. You may feel as if life is passing you by, but I'm sorry to have to put this so plainly, why are your in a hurry to die? Let the whirlwind pass you up, let people look at you odd when you aren't moving your tiny legs that aren't even designed to stride like a person who is 6'4 in stature. Be the odd one who takes it all in, you and the immediate, beautiful existence you create and give to yourself.