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365 days

I will stay true to my commitment to post once a week. And when this girl commits, it is the stick you can't shake! ;)

Today I roamed with friends I had made last year at my future home and speaking of the future, there is something pleasurable about those long distance relationships but another year has come and gone and how things have changed. Mind you, my friends, they were their oh so usual selves, but what I am speaking to was the social landscape. In the time frame of one year, much has changed the entire feel of the location I'm visiting at the current time. Funny how one can see this as a metaphor of mind. We change our minds, clothes, views, but to see a quiet place go up and busy, well, good for business, but tourism can leave one feeling disconnected--local or non-local.

Having to admit that it has been more than trying to have a great ability to sense energy and emotional frequency, but when you are aware, and a placid feel not feeling more like a thick coating of petrol from the many passing cars left me unnerved. In trying to engage with the bustling tourists, as I am one as well, they seemed to be glazed over in their minutiae. One of my favorite places to visit with local friends is now overrun with a new sort of feel of people that seemed unwilling to identify with the local culture, one that has imbued such a beautiful presence of welcoming. But, all in all, we carried on realizing that change comes and money will remove an authentic, classic vibe and well, the world has been turning since the dawn of time, and this too shall pass. Tim, who was born and raised in this piece of paradise was born and raised here, and he assured me this would ebb again, not to pay much attention and allow all things to unfold. As much as I would like paradise to remain its poetic, muse-like self, everything corresponds with current trends and labor. I wonder how many of these tourists treasure paradise as much as I. It's been more than a decade and I can't let this dream go. Being a bit jaded and overhearing a middle-aged woman on the ferry sigh with exhausting relief and made the statement, "gosh, it's so good to escape and leave all my worries back on the mainland"; her words were very telling to me. I know I have mentioned in my past writings that yes, stress levels and manic living are peaking, but I sometimes wonder how authentic a feeling is when people use escapism as the mechanism to a worry-free existence? They can't escape forever, as forever truly is permanent in a sense.