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The Irony of Pain

Now isn't that an intriguing title? I ponder too much. Not to my detriment, but everything I execute in life is tinged with a kaleidoscope of metaphors and whimsical outlook. Understand, this is not a foolish approach and let no individual claim any projection to you about it being such. When we face challenges, we have a choice. Please never imagine you are without choice, you are not! There may be times of feeling trapped or confined to something like an anchor, but your heart knows the authentic rhythm of existence. Allowing that heart/mind connection to remain fleeting, of course with careful consideration...I wouldn't want you toddling off a cliff in hopes to touch that beautiful butterfly! Stay with me; a challenge can be your greatest meditation in regards to connecting with spirit directly. I recently went through something excruciating from a physical standpoint, but my heart/mental state was in a state of ease. This pain was not inflicted on purpose, it was a bit of an after effect, ignorance on my part (snicker). All in all, my concept of this recent challenge was dressed with deep inner reflection laced with the occasional philosophical chat with my, what I'll call my "Mountain Angel." He was just a kid of his early 20's but an old soul; you could see it in his eyes. I had many chances to back away from the road ahead of me, but connecting to my immediate environment in plodding along in a process, this offered my greatest strengths to shine through. Doing my mental homework at a meditative level, I was not on the competitive, passionate, or ambitious plane. My goal was to remain open to all possibilities, whether bad or good. Keeping up with substantial amounts of testosterone with 8 other men, I kept my estrogen in perspective, adjusting my frame in what other's called "her time." I was labeled the tortoise in my challenge. Whether faced with a challenge, it matters not how quickly you get to your decision, what is important, is no matter how bad, awful, soul-crushing, you have the decision to move as quick or as slow as you want. It might bring a hidden topical pain, but your heart and mind thank you for keeping it all in check. You still have a great capacity to heal the physical with time.