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Know/No Your Potential!

Since we all exist in this physical construct, I all*ways have to remind myself that everyone is at different levels of consciousness. This reminder, a deadly struggle for with my Sun/Mars conjunction that is in opposition to my Aquarian Ascendant, because those who cannot get past the slightest pains in life and fail to be genuine, fall short of my list of moving us the human race forward. I am very aware of my blueprint (astrological chart) and tread where I must with firm or light footing. We will never agree in total, thankfully! Can we look to politics? At the end of the spectrum and after all hashing has been hashed out....no. The core principality being linked to self-responsibility. As each sun sets on your day, did you do everything in your cellular being to make your immediate environment filled with a bit more virtue, kindly intent, or the ability to see it all as a perfectly designed system? Every single piece of the puzzle has to fit to make the picture come into focus, but we have seen too many events in history repeating to keep this cycle of struggle being propped up as a necessity. Racism has gone lopsided, and the term has become a positive battle by taking and reversing what is now coined as "white genocide." From a heart perspective, does anyone realize how ridiculous this sounds? It's a bad rerun that I as a Southern California native saw in the early 80's. Shall you all watch 'American History X' now? Ugh.....tired! Let me state with firm conviction that I am not a liberal. I was brought up in a conservative, gun supporting family. I bought my first .22 caliber at 19 years old, with my own, hard earned money. Indeed I did incorporate a traditional yet aggressive financial model in my young life; married a strict conservative, had children, owned a home by the time I was 24, and was a stay home mom and so on. You get the point; I hope...and yes, I still own a gun and where I do not vote or claim any absurd political ideology, the gene pool of white, black, purple, yellow, green, blue people will go on. Heritage is a side dish of cultural pieces to varying ethnic groups.

I encourage anybody in my circle of friends who wish to keep within their appropriated groups; then to stay with white, brown, green, purple, blue people! We cannot do anything in regards to the larger politico motives of the financial elites who control a large part of world endeavors. But when these men and women out there try, and I say this with great volition, they attempt to promote this fake, pseudo "keep it white/black/yellow/green" movement as it's a weak argument. And maybe that's all they are wannabe provocateurs wanting attention; that is whole other personal problem unto itself. The innovative person will bend all societal rules with words, motives, and actions to create change not to wash out what has been but to keep old patterns with a new way of seeing the greater picture not to degrade, reject, or harm. No reason to turn anyone into a robot, no need to kill, keep borders, yes, they are important to preserve culture, agreed! Why label it left/right light, tight, loose, alt? How insane do people have to go before they get a grip? We are all different, so why am I supposed to claim my race is dying out? Because of statistics? That is one sad approach to try and keep something afloat. There is something about people who don't understand genetics and process. They remain stuck on a wheel of a corrupt, bent past. I sit with my own shadow for a long time in self-imposed silence and being older has given me a timeline to revisit, I realize each generation stripped of hidden truth. The saying and why older folks claim, "Each generation is worse than the last." It's not. I have two sons who fall into the millennial slot, and I see the same thing happening as when I was their age. A division of cultures and civil upheaval happening at the hand of socioeconomic and bad political decisions imposed on ALL people. I remind my oldest all the time to keep his spirit pure, never be dishonest with yourself, and you'll bring everything you need to live a somewhat harmonious life in strange construct. This life in short and it's about how you move with spirit regardless of all the bland, digestive tract wrecking side dishes they have on the menu. You eventually wise up and realize home cooking is best.

Once your light is on, it stays on. The truth seeking individual never loses what he/she had. Like a Russian “matryoshka” (nesting) doll, our present level incorporates all prior levels of consciousness.