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We the Unicorns!

I have decided that the squishiest, gooiest, love filled peeps walking the planet have seen some rough times. How could it be when the heart wants to leap to another beautiful heart that disharmony can exist? And maybe that is the 'rough' that causes the shift in perception and to surround yourself with the like. There is nothing better than creating space for a greater good. Yes, the best part of this post is that beautiful people still roam this fine and divine planet. Life is all about the great and not so great. Is it all positive attitude? You have to admit at some level, life is tough, we all have our lessons. But what is it about the frequency of the heart? It has no prerequisite for others to live up to its standards. Indifference is a concept of polarity, but honor and respect come from the heart. You can't remove all the bitterness in the world, but you sure can be pulled to your tribe if you put the signal out! And with that, the world becomes a more vital, thriving, and sensuous place. It might take a lifetime to remove many unconscious layers but a heart unburdened is the spiritual seat of intelligence, emotion, and memory.