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Precious Gold

Well. It's a fabulous word, metaphor, and place to contemplate, right? I have to show my humor; it's just me. Recently I stumbled upon a blog of another healer, and she is just peachy with her quips and curiosity of the world around her. It was incredibly refreshing in knowing another soul who has found her soul mission to be in the healing arts community to share a larger view instead of the narrow interpretation of only "positive thoughts." I'm banking on Aquarian energy she may exude from her blueprint. That aside, it reminded me of when I first got my hands on The Red Book, by Jung. All of the aspirations I had as a young girl, faced with serious obstacles, but the inherent understanding of this opposition fueled my interest to seek resolution. Back to said person's blog, I love the intense nature of observation coupled with a beautiful silver lining of anticipation for humanity. The life of a sensitive and I do not by any means point to this recent upsurge of the condition called "highly sensitive person," what I am referring to is coming into this lifetime with extra sensory abilities. You must learn early on to contain these energies wisely, in an energetic and philosophical sense. To be blind or overly subjected to things you cannot comprehend makes you a bona fide moving target hence this thing called HSP. I believe the term is taken out of context, naturally, as anything repressed, resorts to distortion, so there is a comfort knowing many in the healing field still have a grip on both worlds of being a transmitter and receiver. Science will always deny this. Strange how most sensitives are open to all possibilities. A bit telling for having to be agreeable, hence the reason to remain connected to the ever expanding consciousness and all forms of like and dislike are accounted for with open eyes. The illusion is merely for an option to opt out.