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Making the Grade...

There seems to be an unusual movement in the business world right now. I can't pinpoint the exact motivation, but it appears or perpetuates this constant reinforcement to be placing this new group of millennial's in a position of disempowerment. One might vehemently state that the new generation of business entrepreneurs are the most innovative, and labeled as the new "Great Generation," I beg to differ. More and more of issues of blame culture pops up in the mainstream media because of these younger employed kids are not using strategic smarts to gain. They're shooting themselves in the foot but complaining just like all the other's looking for a handout, and I don't think the Great Generation was about getting donations, they were about making do. This could just indicate the sources I am grabbing from as well, with the weak opposition and overly satiated millennial that is self-serving. I do feel I can make this statement given my 30 years in the business world. In my own life, I know my oldest son is fast tracking himself to be a small business owner. When the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, it supports its function to produce more apples year after year. Even though I have been equipped with a corporate job most of my career with hobbies as side businesses, I have always taught both of my sons the value of strategy and when/how/why to apply. There is timing on all economic shift and proper business modeling to match. I feel this small write-up speaks to each division within a generation that keeps our American free market afloat. Oh, I can hear the pessimistic now, there's no such thing! And with that said, you can tell which camp they were raised in and the spirit of innovation, sourcing, and development, there are the kids born from 1985 - 1999 that will keep optimism alive. It might be a small pocket, but I don't think they're susceptible to being held down by false consciousness.