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Out of Bounds

I tend to be an advocate of all things innovative. Working within the healing community, there is no real reason to restrict your healing practice to one particular approach. So many teachers, so much time; but yet, one size will never fit all. Modern times points to critical analysis with creative and a splash of breaking the mold can cause a shift in perception. They call this "Outside of the Box." I arrived on this planet, out of bounds, let alone outside of the box. For the most part, where I respect social norms, my mind goes to places that aren't within the current trends. Some call the objective psyche space, the place where unknown things dwell. I tend to disagree. Reference the title of this post or Sir Bulldog trying his best to make to the other side.

Regardless, I can't help but feel that more is needed to provide all clients in regards to healing work. You simply have to hone in from an intuitive level and show them the light switch. I am finding more and more some switches don't exist and rooms can remain dark, but any assistance of help your client continue their quality of life, even with the smallest steps of improvement can show them, they too can be out of bounds. It's a strange comfort zone many create with the confines of the mind and now is the time more than ever to draw upon ancient and yes, new innovative ideas to give a boost to holistic healing. I have been called out for executing my methods in an unconventional way. I am unconventional and I don't think that will be changing anytime soon. (shrug) We are all not cut from the same cloth. You must respect all forms of human interaction. Many people, especially introverts do not like physical touch, while other's will turn a first time meeting into a hug fest. Out of Bounds is embarking upon your new day with fresh eyes and baby steps to being expansive from the level of spirit. What you offer is what you draw upon. What you draw upon is the cohesion of all imagination. This imagination stretches to an eclectic variant that operates effectively and efficiently for both practitioner and client.