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I Married My Life -_-

You got me! It's been a while a two businesses later (sigh).

I promised to stay on top of my blogging game and well, life caught up. Speaking of commitments and such...

Is it any wonder about two words, "old soul." Some may equate it to familiarity, maybe linking the body married to the soul. Other's have stated it is the possibility of many lives spent here on the Earth plane. Whatever or however you describe this notion, or shall I say, why would an old soul continue the repetitive task of coming back to this level of existence? We folk in the healing community ponder these thoughts quite regularly. We think regarding liberation, or a problem realized (current state of the world) and its imagined characters but become so disheartened when we can't even see cohesion. And I am not talking the "All is One" jive. That sort of stuff is a long history of pulling groups together for an unknown and lost cause. I want to stick to how we as a human family go through these cycles of calm and unrest on repeat. Let's just take the average term "normal," and life on the soul plane as "abnormal." I calim, FALSE! The old Hermetic teaching, "As above, So below," somehow cannot hold water much longer because what is now reflected on Earth at this time is another passage of people who either move the chains or do not and remain stuck or turned over. We can get into all the spiritual assumptions, talking about varying dimensions to the lifeforms that influence us from those other planes, but how, or why can't we as the bigger piece who do tow the line, pull us out of the cyclical funk? So in chatting with that old soul last night, she quietly said, "Because you have one job...to be the best you can be." Horrifically cliche right? But, I sat back, took a good minute and even at its core fundamental level, to be the best one can be, to me was an opened ended answer. To take a step further, in having great respect for the said old soul, maybe that's the entire purpose of our Universe. To efficiently and effectively perfect itself until it is grown old and dies out. Poof goes the big bright star in the sky and everything thing along with it! Well, that will leave someone with a grimace upon their face along with a deflated sense of purpose. Or is it simply the perception of how good of a human being/soul you can be? Opening up the virtue soup can is a bit lofty since nowadays virtue is held only by political ideologies or how religious one may be. Oh, there is nothing wrong with either, but I feel the old soul is the one at the back of the bus, quietly contemplating all the commotion around it, managing somehow to keep the soul in check once again. Notice how I did not tie a gender to such soul. This has nothing to do with gender assignment, but what I can say is, we who tow the line, usher in ages that upsurge the consciousness of humanity. Strangely enough....for good or bad.