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You are all you got, baby!

Slacker! Yea, I am slackin'...

What is over scheduling?

Answer: Not healthy. Period.

Where am I going with this? Not sure yet. I tend to freestyle in my write. But there is something I want to address!

Why in the last 5 years is there an upsurge of people begging on the internet and various forms of social media this notion

of "Please love yourself". Now I'm sorry, but what does this even mean from a contextual perspective and more importantly, why would anyone hate themselves? Don't get me wrong we all have bad hair days, tummy aches or even the occasional bout of gas, but hate? Hate. That's an awful strong word in my book. One can be really pissed off for a moment when something strikes a chord at a deep level, but how can that focus carry on beyond a period of time before you sort it out on the inside?

I'm learning all about the "Dudley Do-Right" kids. It's the new craze with the young folk. One can no longer disagree with another because you are automatically labeled jealous. Well, no. We all have different opinions and this is what gives form to yes, one's identity. What the heck, if you have no forming objections to your environment then you are just like the rest.


Why not enjoy your spirit in all of its weird and kooky ways? Why not look at the horrible comments someone may leave you and possibly play with the idea of "Could that be true?". Not everything on the internet is true but your close confidants will give you healthy reflection. Well, I know mine sure do, but maybe those are my investments. My friends don't go around begging other's to love themselves.

So, let's throw in using "hate" as the justification to the antithesis of loving one self. What takes more energy, love or hate? Go ahead, take your time as you look way down in that organ called the heart you're gonna know the answer. So now, can you please explain why one would hate themselves? Oh, you still aren't with me. You need to profess to "Love yourself" to all of the internet world out there? How about one teeny, tiny step...

As a wellness coach, you do not speak to your client to be heard. You are the sounding board and even then it is never, ever about you. Let's round back to our original question: Why are others asking other's to love themselves? Is it some form of false kumbaya? In my experience, I either get the immediate sense that someone is "fuzzy" from the heart or they're not. It's my fake detector. All in all....I try to keep my fuzzy detector on high. So please, start with you and end with you.

You are all you got.