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Focus on the Forest

What is the old adage, "Can't see the forest for the trees?" I'm a bit of an odd duck and could never really wrap my mind around that. But let's talk "focus." In focus, out of focus. Headaches, toothaches, butt ache...

Is it distractions that take away from your focus or is it the lack of your own internal system unwilling to slow down? What I mean by that is, everything that I have done with concise precision or we'll just say in orderly fashion, I almost felt like I was going a snails pace. Now, "Please, Darcy, how is this possible?" you might say. Well, what if losing focus isn't some loss or missed opportunity or in the blink of an eye, everything turns to mush. Don

't get me wrong there are tons of people looking to rob, cheat, and steal ideas from other's at the drop of a dime, but this isn't your issue. Your aim resides in each methodical step, almost like a mountain top view no matter how small the accomplishment. I truly feel the more you can sit with the idea that your focus is trying to develop your sense of existence, the easier it gets to obtain your goals with great ardor.

I suppose what got me thinking about this was hearing the following words in a song...."What about the trees?" Sitting with the notion that a tree slowly grows with its immediate environment and as much as I don't want to say this, but most of them outlive us. This is not me saying, we're trees, but the process of trees growing, brought the idea of focus and the adage I started with, Most brilliant artists and innovators in my life move and finish at the snails pace. And well, one could say given our current social existence in America, how can we move at the speed of overly busy, drowning in "not enough hours in the day mentality?" I vote you take as long you like to live. Breathe, bend, shed and become full again like the tree who in all their glory, soak it all up and darn well take as long as they need.