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The Weather Outside is Frightful...

December 11, 2017

Tick-tock, tick-tock...


Yes, the holidays. Aren't they grand? Ok, ok, no snarky Darcy today. But, I will say--if you have anyone who has been in the path of the Sylmar and Ventura fires, please lend a hand with aid. Us Southern California natives understand that the Los Angeles basin has its cycles and well, Mother Nature is cleaning house right now. If someone wants to claim global warming, fine. Do know that we have had global warming since the inception of this planet. Earth is a living breathing entity....she needs to clean her own house as well. So please, again, we are her visitor's, but if someone you know has been part of the sweep, be a heart filled human and help out.


On the other end of things...


Love and cherish the simplicity of life. That small amount of sunshine that peeps through the drapes and maybe your pet has sought it out for warmth. How about that friend who always has the best puns even though they may dig a little too deep, they still set reality straight. Or the significant other, who aside the very busy side of things, grabs your hand, points out the most remote thing only to discover it's the most beautiful flock of feathers going by.


I once heard, "No wonder evil always wins!" If you know me well enough, my face, hands, words, heart does not lie. My facial expressions are my exact inner feelings. My ears got wind of this statement and my response was simply, "Well, if that isn't your obvious perception, I'm not sure what is!?" In my eyes, through so much adversity that has come my way, all my struggle in childhood, I vote that, no, evil does not win. As a matter of fact, I want to remind you that good doings and good people are in the state of perpetual motion. We all have choices and those choices are to be good people who see the world, well, as good. As for the world is evil crowd, you may want to take a long, hard look at your immediate focus and how you go about in the world. Just sayin'.





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