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Year in Review

Why do we do this? Review that is. Why do we validate? It could be the following reasons:

  • Measurement of growth

  • Have we kept in line with goals

  • No real reason, just all the cool kids do it

If I had my way, there would be no concept of time. Hear me out…I’m always askin you guys to hear me out! lol

With this approach you would be forced to accept no boundaries of deadlines, expectations of other’s, and it would make your timeline limitless. Your reason to grow with the seasons becomes quite clear. Not because a date says so, but you get more aligned with a natural body clock vs. some concept of having the put away sweaters because the vernal equinox has shifted. Well, I like weather wool sweaters on a mild summer night. What am I getting at? You are left to your own device to make random decisions. No matter what decision that is, it is made and wither you grow from it or you don’t. Think about how much a calendar or clock controls the data or experience you take.

I recall years ago when I heard the Smashing Pumpkins song, “Tonight” and in the verse he says, “The more you change the less you feel.” What I think he was trying to convey was the fact that we’re unable to feel like we used to. That inability to feel those intense emotions we used to feel when we were younger. BAM! No. Disagree! Am I only meant to have that one great love in my life? Isn’t it possible to love again? To feel those things that made me realize that I am alive? It’s saddening to grow up if this is what growing up turns you into. Or is it simply a mind block paired with timelines? Or is it that the person I will be able to feel those things about hasn’t quite come around yet?

I swear the clock/time does some funny things to the mind. And where I am one of Rod Serling’s (Twilight Zone) biggest fan, I am convinced at some level this Julian calendar is a control point. Today is the greatest day, as again the Pumpkins sang back in 1993 was not far off the mark. Just for one moment close your eyes imagine your body energy aligning with your favorite landscape and melt into it. Not with your phone to take a picture or blah blah blah Snapchat garbage. I want you to become it and time goes POOF! Alright, now come back to Mother Earth with jobs, crappy bosses, and bills. Just try, even if for 5 whole days to move about the madness of life without time and let your body clock move you. We can’t expect miracles but there is a possibility of becoming one.

To all my readers…you guys please have a safe New Year holiday and make 2018 your best year yet. Real.

Fly high, right into the sky.