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Ethics and Inaction

Solutions or added problems? To start, ethics is what we are or how we hold ourselves or how we display our value sets. This is a bit perplexing to me. If I put myself in a situation where I am not being myself because I would rather fake a smile, wouldn't that be putting on a facade, whether in the presence of people you know or all by your lonesome? Maybe that's my problem. Living with spirit most my life or knowing energy never dies, we are always with the "All." But at a deeper level, don't you have to answer to your own heart (conscious) to know whether something is inherently right or wrongful behavior. OK, ok, Moral Oral is stepping off the soap box.

This month rushed passed but with the ease of taking it day by day. It seems 2018 is impacting many on a very personal level. Folks around me that have never truly engaged change out of fear of the unknown are embracing a more healthy approaching to wanting to shed old skin. I never try to push, but I'm just an old pro at change, I sort of smile when they speak of their metamorphoses.

With that said, this division I have written about in past blog, the entire "victim" role is manifesting in two ways. One, folks who once played the victim are being forced to bend to a more autonomous role and those who have taken responsibility in the last 2 to 3 years or so are happy with how being thrown into the fire and thrive. They're seeing the rewards. Now, could one say this is the background props of sociopolitical agenda? Well sure. But with drastic personal change coupled with a more victim role having to change because well, Universal Law will catch up with that and polarize the motion, I feel it's a positive thing.

Now that I have written this blog...what in the world are we thinking as a nation? Let's all take a chance on ourselves.