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One Step, one change.

There is a formula I use in my coaching practice. I call this "One step, one change." Simple enough, yes? Ahhh, but you can't imagine how much people do not like to even put that foot forward. It is far cozy to stand still. Usually my response to what I see as procrastination is, "Can you picture the end result?" Normally I'll be entrenched in client's dreams but the real-time existence just isn't there. With that said, I will walk them through the following:

  • Pre-contemplation (Visual)

  • Contemplation (Mental)

  • Preparation (Task/Plan)

  • Action (Doing)

  • Maintenance (Routine)

Don't get me wrong, how dull can routine be? Absolutely hands down routine can be a bore and I make this very clear in my coaching practice. I feel there is a larger role with routine and letting routine fall away. The moment you manage to find yourself in a larger scope of changing up your current personal schedule (creative endeavors, physical exercise, socializing), change is not so bad and routine waxes and wanes and you have more autonomy with your own life.

So, while incorporating just one step in a new direction, the minute you can start to see this as motion with a purpose instead of motion with a result, it will shift your perception. There is just to many "instant fixes" in our culture and we truly need to retrain our human conditioning to give the spirit more fulfilling assumptions. You weren't placed upon this planet to constantly re-read the same chapter. Re-frame your current script and be willing to change. It may not be very comfortable, but can you imagine the amount of "what if's" you'll accumulate? Personally, I don't want you to imagine that.

One step is the least effort against your doubt.

  • Want to start exercising? Begin with a short walk each morning. You’ll get used to having a physical routine, which makes it more likely you’ll stay committed when you buy a gym membership. Proven fact!

  • Want to fix a problem with your spouse? Before you sit down for that big heart-to-heart, restore your connection and build trust with some kind gestures. You’ll have fewer walls to break down when you do talk.

We have a truly fabulous Full Moon in Virgo in support of movement. Join the Moon. She'll love you for it!