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Who are these people?

You ever ask yourself while in a group conversation, "Who are they talking about?" I'd like you to think about yourself, yes, sounds silly but stay with me. How often do you check in with yourself versus the strange people on a magazine cover at the grocery check-out line, YouTube, or even the television? If the answer is, "I don't check-in on myself." Why? As a child, I could not for the life of me wonder why my parents would be addressing people on the TV as if they knew them personally. This is what broadcasting has done to the human being. It removed our sense of nature or being. The actual moment to moment of existence of knowing all about your reasons for living, loving, and harvesting our God-given talents, desires, and motives. I still find myself today at the ripe age of 48 wondering what in the world my girlfriends or guy pals are gabbing on endlessly over. I feel so out of touch but then sit back and think, "If it's media driven, it has to be a bothersome formality of socialization."

This isn't me being a recluse as I am far from any sort of hidden away curmudgeon. Media and social norms aside my point being, how often do you go home, reflect on

your day, whether terrible, pleasant, uneventful, completely busy and merely de-compress be releasing the valve of self? You don't even have to sit in silence or be some master meditator, just ask yourself, "I am happy being me?" If the answer is anywhere near "no" then you can remind yourself again, "Why did I ever stop checking in with myself?" Because trust me, if you thought about this long enough, and you gave your spirit any attention or nourishment, you'd find the substantial reason why. This isn't me mocking the TV enthusiast, keep watching. I suppose this is me wondering why your attention is on something that truly doesn't matter on the greater whole.