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Accept it!

In all of my years of having to deal with service-oriented careers I have had, there was nothing worse to me than self-promotion. To me, it's not because I feel someone else is more deserving or fear of rejection; it points right to my dangerous tendency to push away flow. I have had many folks who are so thankful for what I provide as far as sound healing they tell me consistently to market myself on a grander scale. I won't do it. Not my goal. Working within the holistic community, to corner the market or make myself a name would go against all my rules towards ancient knowledge that I hold in my heart. However we want to label a movement, whether it be involved in politics, beauty, or entertainment, these seem to be primary drivers in today's world. They point to staying with trends and what does trend mean exactly? That whatever you're engaged in with only be temporary, and you'll be back to square one chasing what you may have thought was full. Your cup overflowed but you can also keep it empty yet fulfilling. When you finally decide to accept any compliments, recommendations, testimonials for greatness, this is the totality of what the person (client/customer) needed, not necessarily the total of what I am. In the many years that I have relied on "Word of mouth," this just may be my mode of operation. Although after this last transformational Full Moon in Scorpio, one particular "Thank You," got me to see it and accept it for what it is. Her experience to come forth from my offering and to show her another way of looking at things in her immediate and possibly past life. We are limitless only because we can be. In turn, we are limited because we allow someone or something to direct the flow of your self-promotion. I suppose I never wanted to look any one particular way in any one mind. I am only one to share what I know and love and it stops there. Well, it doesn't stop per se, but to understand my passion is to know my heart and love of sharing knowledge. 💖