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A "Title" On A Spiritual Journey

What is a thing? I'll go the philosophical route, because lucky me I had an older brother who embraced some truly great thinkers and he saw I had a penchant for being a pest. Philosophy and being a pest...now why in the world would I suggest the two go hand-in-hand? Well, not entirely but it can get you to question the beginning and ending of every "thing" in existence.

That aside, titles, categories, actions--this world of things is what we are? Once again, not necessarily. I tend to get rubbed the wrong way in this current paradigm pushing spiritualism and I remember my own words, "We're all at different levels of consciousness." I'm an artist, mom, healer, friend, writer, baker, gardener, mountaineer, surfer etc etc. Do you see where I am going with this? Probably not. My brother would always ask me why I feel the need to change so much, whether it be my opinion, my clothes, my style. And my reply would always be the same, "They're simply things that make me."

What is my spiritual journey? I don't think I have one. Believing in the divine and understanding most things beyond this plane of existence, these "things" are rather frivolous and shouldn't be labeled as a "journey." Hence why titles and such have made me a bit squeamish and putt-off, as if every title or category should allow me some magical access to realms that others cannot. This is not the case. You can start rattling off all sorts of things and this can get you in a heap of trouble. This blog is aspecting much of my Uranus and Mercury right now, so it main seem a bit spacey, but what of these titles and things that you are given by society?

I suppose I could simply take off all my accreditation from my website and just be a face and a name. Could you relate or would you know how to relate having little information about my offerings? How do we relate with conceiving what we have been through; school, life rites, hardships etc...

Just a thought.....or I suppose. A thing.