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Another Step


How are you? Well, I'm doing pretty good. Summer flying by, healing work has been great and clients are recognizing their new strength.

Pray for the hills, mountain, river, and the wildlife they contain. Was looking forward to some R&R for Labor Day, but the beautiful residents of Idyllwild first! Aside from Southern California purging its skin because nature's cycle will cleanse where needed, I think of for meditative purposes we should lend some good prayers to all folks who go through natural disasters. The reality, a bad human set the fire. Some humans are odd.

I am off to a new mountain soon. My annual meditation. I pick a new mountain or mountain range every year to set out and speak with. Speak with? Yes. Considering each step I take a connection to the immediate environment as it courses through my own energy system. This year, my sights are with Mt. Kilimanjaro. An exceptional feat of course. Where I have climbed between 12,000 ft and 14,000 without fail, Kilimanjaro is an added 5,000. So one would think an additional trek will not be much. It's working with elevation as a presence unto itself.

The air will grow thin to a sea level lover. One thing I am thankful for is the taking of time to climb. It will tax our lungs 7 days going up and 1.5 coming down. I grant all elements their right to exist and so I shall succumb to what will be presented and will commune with thinner air and adjust my cell body to work differently. It this the type of meditation that people do while in a yoga studio or what have you?

No. This is a different type I speak of. The mountain and all its inhabitants will guide me. I am simply the visitor. It's short, I'm sweet. I'll see ya'll when I return.