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Au contraire mon frere'!

Well. 😐

Should I really let you know how vacation was? After briefing a friend about everything I went through, she was left with a frozen face kissed with a bit of horror. Yup. Not sure where to start, so....I won't. What makes the spirit unstoppable? Humor, shitty attitude, a warm, fuzzy sense of nihilism? Hmmm. Not sure, really. I can at least speak to the ability to reason with what could be called, obstacles. For the most part I am fairly anal retentive in preventing most obstacles to crop up. But for all this Virgo I have, I gladly embrace my Pisces north node. Let me explain it this way...where in past I would have lost my marbles, threw my hands up in the air, gave up, blah blah blah, I will step back, and even will kick my feet up for a bit, think about the whirlwind that may be taking place around me and well, I don't know, let it play out?

I suppose this is the change agent inside of me that I embrace and flow along with the moment. Oh, I had plenty of moments of, "What the in hell is going on?", but decided to just let the landscape do what it must and until I needed to address it, well, the stages of chaos would settle where they needed. One moment I got a kick out of was the fact that I heard someone say, "I can't stand change." In the past where I would have busted out with laughter, I just raised my eyebrows with that shitty eyebrow raise I get, you know, the whole, "Oh really?" look, and with an interest in a butterfly that fluttered by, forgot all about the stressed individual who has disdain for change.

Once again, what makes the spirit unstoppable? Ultimately, that has to be down right to the ego/superego contained in each human. It can't be equated with control although tenacity does need precision to a degree, right? And, I feel that it won't necessarily be fit for some flim-flam that's loosey-goosey with no sense of direction, because then it would be some wagon loosing its wheels quickly going down in flames. Could it be taking life seriously without being neurotic? Possible tension of opposites? You know

, it's funny to find a strange cycle of feelings that ebb and flow. Where a moment could be funny in a tragic moment, there are other's falling apart by the slightest hiccup.

I'm not sure what this entry was about, but I do know sometimes you just have to roll with it, even if it doesn't make sense at the time.

PS It's almost fall, time for socks!