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Are you a subscriber? I did not live up to my promise, did I? Failure has bitten me. I skipped a month of my ever mind-expanding blog that over 30 trillion people (how is that figure even quantified) come to indulge their senses. Why the heavy sarcasm you might ask? Because the world deserves a little fun every now and then. It's true! October took me, threw me into the fire, left me to dry out in the hot, Southern California Sun, and well, at least I wasn't subjected to an overcooked turkey...let alone, reject the fact of eating such an adorable animal. They are cute. Mean. But, still, in a strange way, cute.

Ok, ok, let's get to the point here. My life, as if it wasn't filled with goodness to begin with, was taken to a whole new level of goodness during the month of October. This goodness I speak of is, "Honor." Whether one defines it to their god, health, life itself, and on and on, it is mostly encapsulated by the highest standards of ethics and not exactly easy to drive and manage in a competitive, "do anything to get ahead" sort of world. It seems October and most November pushed my honor factor to its peak. Shifting gears rapidly in my current workflow, I had the privilege of coming out of the gate in the most caring of hands of a few mentors who took me under their wings. When I look back on all the years of doing what was ethically correct in every situation, even being the "odd chick out" most of the time, I start to wonder now in my later years, if something is paying off?

Some will call it good karma. I don't believe in karma. I believe in cultivating good relationships with the old, tried and true, hardworking, honest folk. They still do exist! All in all should I count my blessings? I suppose so, but gratitude comes as easy to me as the Sun rises every morning. There's something very peculiar about honor...it gives this sense of push and pull, like a tide. You can rest after all is said and done because with all the respect you have given to your intention, you give yourself the same respect back while kindly smiling, smirking, sighing, tearing up (however it is you release). I usually just smile and look to the sky. 💖

How do you define your sense of honor?