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Boot on Head

I sat on this. I was going to blog right into the New Year. All that rang through my ears, "New Year, New Me!" Strangers in the grocer, post office, local coffeehouse, etc. Why at the ripe age of 48, struck by such a statement, it got me thinking about the latest buzz words: "self care." Why this thing? What is this thing everyone seems to be chow chowing on about? Do people not care about themselves? Did they never care before? Boot on head. I'm still a bit confused.

One must stop when exhausted. One must slow their roll and defrag somehow. What is your life worth? It is worth every second of gratitude that God grants your insignificant ass to live upon this planet. I'll be nice now. Actually, I'm always nice, it just the nonsensical ways of society and what gets pushed through at a mental level. I think of self care as an inherent tool, a possible coping mechanism, or a go-to place when it is time for inner reflection and gladly flow at a slower pace. Where I do get worried is this penchant for a self-absorbed society to turn this into a narcissistic drive. Is this the indulgent 80's all over again with the millennial's claiming, "I have no time for anything, I am engulfed in self-care!"?

I haven't researched the topic but I can guarantee this is some sort of tweak on the psyche. Is this the new excuse for laziness? Is this the new "I'm above it all" factor and mememe is the only way to be? I can barely get my mind around, New Year, New Me. What? I wonder if Skeletor sought out self care? Hmmmm....