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Back in the Circle

For all of my spooky folks out there who deal with Mediumship, I just wanted to give a "heck ya" to being back in the circle. During the course of my schooling for Massage Therapy, I was out of the loop on practicing my medium skills. This can hurt! Ouch to the head. What I'm trying to say is, if these types of talents aren't exercised, yes, they can fall my the wayside and become weak. Probably my greatest lesson with this is when I trained under James Van P. With school eating up most my time, being away from Spirit Circle and drumming up the good work with other Clair types left me lost in a sea of too much to handle.

There is a certain amount of focus and I do mean concentrated, no woowoo jive, a serious amount of energy going into dealing with "other things" on the other side of the veil. Well, at least for me it's dead folk. It's always been dead folk. I know there are others who speak with other worldly entities. Not me. It's just the residual energy from your Aunt Mabel reminding me to tell you how much she enjoyed making you Rhubarb Pie. So not having that go-to group, I was missing a piece of my function so to speak,

Alas, I am not back in action, Jackson. It wasn't nerve-wreaking in the least, quite calming in all actuality. I did leave with a slight headache, but to be expected after not using a particular muscle after one year. I like to think of it as a workout. Use it or lose it. I think my favorite part of being back in circle is the fact that Spirit is just as delighted to be in full force. For my guides, they're relieved and don't have to tiptoe with messages because I'm overly concerned about a Pathology exam I may have to study for. Now, the pipe is wide open, I don't have to stress, they don't have to stress....let the messages from Spirit flow.

I love my gift and what makes me happy is when I still deliver a sweet message to the stranger who may be near me and they're not spooked or frightened by their deceased loved one coming through. I am glad a good chunk of society is becoming more receptive of this type of communication. :)