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I'm listening.

It's all that was pummeled into my noggin from childhood. Every morning when my father dropped me to school in his work truck he would kindly say the following, "Darcy, look, learn, and listen." And boy do I mean every morning. I struggle with dyslexia and it isn't changing. I have gone to a multitude of learning facilities to so-called help me with this supposed ailment. I don't see the world as most do and others who suffer from brain connectivity between visual to mental retention. Scientific research states that children who suffer from said ailment read slower? I find this strange because I could skim through a book quickly, and, well still do and retain information. It is the processing or articulation of what I read to be the hassle. Is this why my listening skills are on overload? Is this why when I hear a statement, it is broken down into sections for one statement can have the variables just like music?

When all your told by the closest to you, "You're such a great listener," since I was able to hear what they didn't have the ability to outright state what they needed or tried to convey, maybe that is why I chose to get into coaching. There is no special potion to coaching, you are listening, and that is all you are doing! Anymore than listening is out of coaching scope and belongs to the mental/medical health professionals.

Now, let me propose the polarity to this process. When you are presented with someone who does not want coaching, I simply state back, "I'm listening."

You can call this a weak blog post, but it's more trying to understand the speaker versus the listener.