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Open & Close

Best thank your ability to be authentic, because if you weren't, you'd have the same people around you that you've had for the last 30 years. The individual grows and the identity changes through experience, but, there is one thing that keeps you grounded to what you were as a teen...

That very tumultuous time of angst of gaining identity, finally figuring out what doesn't feel good and what you may have been taught falls away. As I have wrote in the past we all have choices to be good. I feel we are inherently good inside, call me naive. Being kind and receiving kindness isn't some silly Utopian dream, it's completely doable. Now, don't get me wrong this is not to say there isn't bad in the world, both need room to create and destroy. But once again, without change and growth, whether bad or good you find your tribe that you may have had back in your teen days, given you weren't a hoodlum. And if you were, well, that's your issue to sort through.

My point is, the door will open and close repeatedly. I feel the trick is, you need to be the one constantly holding the key. Give the Universe a vacation in having to manage your change and simply go to the door and insert the knowledge you've had all along and unlock what is next. It doesn't matter what wrong or good people have done to you, it's what you gain from YOUR reaction to it all.