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What is Known?

I recently got back from travel and realized through a couple of tricky slip ups in schedule conflicts comes from a natural state of flow? Nothing is perfect, right? So peace better match the chaos you're caught up in. Hahaha...

With travel, people, things etc., you can just barely keep it all squared and straight to make sure it all works out 100%. Now, there is another component in the reaction to whatever chaos you may encounter or you simply let it be and construct solutions. It's difficult to understand foreign lands sometimes and ever harder to get around when you ask for assistance and well, you don't receive it. One has to manage the worst situations when traveling and giving yourself space to fully digest all parts of what actually may be working during times of travel, whether that may be schedule keeping, routine, or relaxing down time. When you give thought to what can be and not ignore the problems you may be experiencing, it gives a switch-up to the landscape.

It was interesting during my time away, I guess the weather in the states was more than its share of strange. What does weather have to do with the known? It doesn't. Weather is simply the external language of the land you may be present in. So just as the outer landscape of weather can affect the canvas, the land still manages day to day. Changing, yes, but still managing. ;)