2020 - 2021

New Moon Meditation and Sound Healing


Join us at Tower 18 in Sunset Beach (Warner & PCH)

  • Dates will be announced

Cost: Donations appreciated

I do have "Spirit Circles" that I am holding at this time. We are a group of women who believe in ourselves. That is all. Contact me to join. ❤️


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My Belief In Sound

After 20 years of practicing various yoga disciplines coupled with mantras/sound, I realized the power of sound frequency is for all and that one does not have to be Gumby or guru. Ever had that moment in the car while listening to the radio and an old tune or your current favorite song comes on and chills wash over you? Well, the frequency in the musical composition is trying to have a chat with you.

Just the allowance to tune into the vibration of various instruments will do wonders for the nervous, muscular, and skeletal system. More and more people are being pulled to higher forms of frequency because the light body is trying to expand while dealing with being of this material construct. I don't need you to be the perfect meditator, all I ask is you listen to what moves your spirit to energize and release. It is the transformation of old value systems that allows us to experience a new perspective.

You as the energetic body simply have to let go and let the sound of the gong, chimes, drums, and bowls do the work as it bathes the body, mind, and soul. The experience is effortless, and with time your tuning will come into a harmonized alignment.

Please, introduce yourself to the benefits of sound healing.



What in the World am I getting Intune? ;)

Got Questions?

What should I bring?

Whatever you wish, just leave behind any unnecessary stress. I have participants who bring nothing but their headstand position to folk who grid crystals around themselves. This is your healing space for your to customize. Sometimes we do run out of room, so I just ask you be respectful of your neighbor. Favorite blankets, pillows, and even beach chairs are fine. Not everybody can lay flat on the floor.   :)

What should I expect from Sound Bath?

It is your time. You can design it to your needs. In a comfortable position is best because I need you to get into a theta/delta state so that your body can effectively tune into the vibrations required for energizing the electromagnetic field or releasing old patterns that remain stuck.

What if I don't like the sounds?

This can happen and it very important to pay attention to how the body responds. I do warn every person should something not feel good...to simply breathe through the vibration and see what areas are stuck or coming into resistance. It is our breath that allows digestion or purgation.

Is there healing time provided?

Absolutely! We take the time and ask everybody to write down an area of focus to use the various instrumental modalities that I use. Most personal healing(s) will last from 5 up to 10 minutes long. There is no physical contact unless you specify in person.